Thursday, 21 October 2010

Shopping and creation

I have a weakness and it involves shopping. Yes, I do have many more, but this one is particularly tricky as it has massive and rippling effects on my very tiny student budget. My biggest temptations are the fabulous online jewelry supplies and fabric stores… I do love yarn and interior too, but these I prefer to shop where I can see, touch and feel the quality first hand. Anyhow! A few weeks ago I got a request from my good friend Kristine about making a lining for her mother’s knitting basket. Oh joy, I thought! Now I can order fabrics with good conscience as I will actually get paid for the fabric I use! 
Pus seems to be liking the knitting basket without a lining...
With only a few buttons pushed I somehow ended up with a full shopping basket and an exciting package on its way. As you can imagine, no, I did not order only what I was going to use for the lining. My excuse: I have to pay for it to be shipped anyway, I might as well order a few other projects at the same time. When the package arrived I was delighted, until I opened it and discovered that I forgot to order the pattern for the lovely tunics I had bought fabric for! Oh crap, I thought! Now I will have to order again! (and yes, I was a little happy about it too…)
 My student budget on the other hand was not, so I figured I might ask some of my friends to order with me so I wouldn’t have to spend all that money on shipping fees again. 
My knitting basket is not the best model for the lining, but i had to try it out before giving it away!
Now, you would think that since I ordered so much last time there would not be that many temptations left. Well, that was not the case. Perhaps I will have to get a second job to pay for my whims, since this seems to be a pattern of mine… The good news is that the basket lining turned out great, and I of course had a lot of fabric left to make a little moving in present for Kristine as well. The DIY for the knitting needle casing is found here, but is only in norwegian.
A sure fact after this last shopping spree (and the final one before Christmas!), homemade presents for all my friends and family this year! 
A snapshot of the lining in it's basket taken with Kristine's cellphone


  1. Kjenner meg igjen i den beskrivelsen av netthandel, ja;) Tror vi lider av samme sykdom der=)
    Så flott etuiet til strikkepinnene ble. Fikk et lignende i gave for noen måneder siden, og det er flittig brukt. Praktisk som bare det=)

    Ønsker deg ei flott ny uke=)

  2. Mye fristelser ja. Så herlig det første bildet var.
    Så koselig at du ville bli med på gavedryss hos meg.
    Ønsker deg en fin helg!
    Klem T

  3. Så gøy at du ville værr med på GiVekken min :o)

    Skikkelig fin blogg har du og!