Monday, 28 November 2011

The blanket is finished!

Or, as good as... Still have a few loose threads that need to be fastened, but I hid them well! I didn't spend a year making it btw, I just needed a very (very! Over nine months actually....) long break after making what seemed a thousand granny squares and still not having reached the goal.
I thought a model was in order, even a camera shy one

Some of the things I made this spring

And here I thought I had made nothing since last post...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Jewels in the sun

The sun has been hard to detect lately, but today I finally had enough light to capture some of the jewelery I have made lately.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

A little piece of December in January

For Christmas 2010 I made quite a few handmade gifts, as I had promised myself. Some were unfortunately less successful than others. I made two pairs of knitted felt slippers after I first tried to make a pair using granny squares. Now, why should that go wrong you might think? Well, first of all I did not use the yarn recommended. And because I did not use the correct yarn, I had no clue of how loose I should crochet the squares. I did however check the measurements and a finished square was 15 cm, just as it was supposed to be! So I made my squares, started sewing them together, and not before I had completely assembled the first one did I stop to think... Isn't this a bit big? Oh, yes... After a long laughing fit, I thought to myself trying to stay positive, they might shrink 50 % after washing. This however, they did not do. The size 39 was WAY to big even for my loves size 46 feet (Size 50 maybe?). Silly me did not take a picture of them after washing, but this is how they looked before.
Too bad, I did love the colors :(
I might try that pattern again some time, but then I will certainly use the correct yarn. I also dusted off my boxes with jewelry components and made these things.
The remaining gifts I of course forgot to snap photos of, but were a knitted jacket for my nephew, another casing for a friends knitting needles, three pairs of felted mittens and a scarf. Maybe I'll have to go for a few visits and snap some photos... Anyways, I upheld my promise of making most of the gifts this year. I think I will do the same this year, only I will start making them a lot earlier!