Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My very first blog post

I have been thinking about making a blog for quite some time now. I’ve been pondering about the theme and if I am at all able to make posts interesting enough for someone to want to read. Now, I have spent a lot of time browsing through blogs from all over, reading and looking at the most extravagant and the most plain sites, and no matter how small a group of followers or simple the design, I still get inspired (and sometimes a tiny bit jealous).

It only takes an idea, or a simple picture, and I can end up dreaming and googling the concept for hours. Sometimes I make something out of the idea, and if there is a chance that someone might have a spin-off on one of my creations or thoughts, then why not blog about them.

My plan for this blog is to write about some of my whims that result in something I’m proud of. Some of the things I love to make are clothes, accessories and home decor whether they are from fabric or yarn, and of course jewelry. I thought I’d start off my blog with my current project which I have discovered is quite popular among bloggers, a granny blanket. At the moment, I should rather say granny squares, as I have yet several left before I will start the joining. I just redecorated my living room with colors of grey and a greenish blue, and when my old blankets no longer matched I figured it was a good excuse to make one.

I remember some of my granny’s granny square pillows with the most dreadful color combinations which still give me the chills, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw all the beautiful blankets people have made. My favorite so far is Cissemosse’s divine earthy blanket, and she has made a tutorial in Norwegian here which I have used, but in my quest for a tutorial I discovered that there are plenty out there.


  1. Hei=)
    Takk for hyggelig kommentar inne hos meg=) Er ved fattet mot mht den veggen! så, skal nok få malt den ferdig=)
    Gleder meg til å lese bloggen din, jeg=) Legger deg til i blogglisten min. Flotte farger på teppet! Det blir nydelig=)

  2. Hei
    Så koselig med nye bloggere! Nydelige farger du har valgt til teppet ditt. Blir litt sporadisk blogging hos meg fremover, kommer innom deg senere.
    Ønsker deg en fin uke videre,
    Klem T

  3. Koselig med kommentar!:)Me like! Akkurat disse armebåndene er ifra h&m :) Har faktisk ikke brukt det gråe enda!Stilig å kombinere ulike farger;) Fresher opp ett hvert antrekk!

    Lykke til videre med blogg:)Kjempestilig layout du har!