Tuesday, 17 April 2012


So, my shop has now been open for two days, and my nerves are almost killing me! The minute I made my first listing I felt like my stomach was turning inside out. What if no one likes what I'm selling? What if people think I do bad work, or don't appreciate all the work I put into the jewelry, after all sometimes it's just a few plastic flowers glued on some metal... Anyone can make that!

Now, I know how much time I spend finding the perfect flower, the perfect metal base, the perfect bead or crystal and the chains, don't even get me started on the chains! They are such a pain in the ... However, I can understand why some people may think it’s just some Asian crap clued together and that the time spent making them must be minimal.

I don’t say this to put myself down because I know several very nice and loving people have said they like my jewelry. I’ve even sold jewelry before, just not in this way. It’s just that now people that don’t even know me are suddenly in a position to judge and it’s freaking scary! Of course, it’s also very, very, very exciting, and I feel worried and proud at the same time. I’m constantly checking in on my store, seeing if the number of views on each listing has changesd since 5 minutes ago…

Yesterday, someone made one of my listings a favorite, that’s got to be good news right? But no sales yet! I’m crossing my fingers, reading posts on the forums to gather tips and changing product descriptions to make sure I do my best to showcase each item. Hopefully someday soon I will make my first sale from the shop and I can lower my shoulders an inch or so... Then I could rest assured that there is nothing wrong with the payment method, notification system etc. That would be nice J

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